Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Capacity Building of Community Through Infrastructure

 Infrastructure Projects

We connect remote communities to resources within Fiji to develop the basic infrastructure of their schools and villages. RBTR draws on international funding sources to support critical projects and expand access to these communities.

  • We supply seedlings for School Agro Farms, which provide an outdoor classroom for project-based learning.
  • We provide teaching and learning resource materials that promote project-based learning.
  • We provide technology infrastructure and coordinate international “sister school” partnerships, connecting remote students to the outside world.


Capacity Building of People

  • Capacity Building PeopleWe support existing Tribal Councils, Women’s Councils, School Committees and Local Government to develop their capacity to respond to the needs of their communities through:
  • Baseline Surveying and Strategic Planning: We conducted joint strategic planning with local government leaders, building their capacity to better understand how to support remote communities.
  • Teacher Professional Development Trainings: We offer semi-annual Teacher Professional Development Trainings on Project-Based Learning methodologies for remote teachers. Applied authentic community-based projects make the learners’ academic experience more in-depth and improve concept retention.
  • Establishing a Development Committee: We advocate for the inclusion of women in leadership in project and village committees.
  • Ongoing Project Management Support: We provide project management support on Land Management projects such as Agro Farms to address impacts of climate change while promoting Food Security.
  • Linking communities to relevant Technical Trainings: We coordinate community agriculture and floriculture trainings to increase knowledge of cash crop production, agro forestry and floriculture development.