Fund a Project


We help families and communities access tools and seeds to grow more abundant and a greater variety of crops, addressing food security, or to scale their farms so they can grow more crops to sell and earn income. Often times they need some help with tools along the way.

Donate a fruit tree package for a farmer $100 $160
Includes 12 tree seedlings in a variety of citrus, coconut and breadfruit trees.
Donate a village or school fruit tree package $200 $300
Includes 25 tree seedlings in a variety of citrus, coconut, pawpaw and breadfruit trees.
Donate a medium (3,100Ltr) water tank & hose piping $500 $785
In the face of climate change, farmers are experiencing longer and more severe dry seasons. Basic irrigation structure such as water tanks helps to alleviate the effects of these changes in climate. This size tank provides enough water storage to support three to four hectares, a medium sized village-based farm.

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Women’s Income Generating Projects

Help power our Traditional Contemporary Arts & Craft Income Generating program.

Income Generating Arts & Crafts Workshop Kit $50 $75
This Workshop Kit provides materials for 25-30 remote women to receive training to make two sample products they can then make in bulk. The Kit includes 6 meters of assorted fabrics we’ve chosen with wide market appeal, one large roll of dried “voivoi” leaves for weaving, six pairs of scissors, and assorted sewing needles and thread.
Fund-a-Workshop $200 $300
Give the gift of skill building! Your donation funds a one-day workshop in a remote village. Trainings upskill 15-30 women on a product design and include financial literacy and market awareness information. Rise Beyond the Reef provides market guarantee for quality-produced products based on the market demand that we are able to generate.
Income Generating Women’s Group Kit $250 $400
Without a sewing machine, it’s very difficult and time-consuming for women’s groups to produce quality sewn goods in bulk. The Women’s Group Kit provides the necessary tools for a group of 10-15 women to share. The Kit includes a basic electric sewing machine, 10 meters of assorted fabrics with wide market appeal, ten pairs of scissors and assorted sewing needles and thread.

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Larger Projects

Within the ten villages and multiple schools we currently work with, there are a number of larger infrastructure needs. Here are project opportunities for your consideration. Best of all, we’ve already done the homework for you through our baseline assessments and community consultations, so we know that any one of these projects will yield critical community impact.

Clean Mattresses for Nalotawa District Primary Boarding School Students $4,800 $7,500
These students spend the majority of their year at school, which means sleeping in dormitories. For most parents, the annual cost of mattress replacement exceeds their budget. As a result, student’s mattresses and sheets become a source of germs and skin-related diseases, which easily transfer from one student to the next.(Covers the cost of 75 foam mattresses and mattress covers for boarding students)
Dining Hall at Nalotawa District Primary Boarding School $20,400 $32,000
A safe living and learning environment is essential for students. This school’s dining hall and kitchen are in bad shape and the Ministry of Health in Fiji has urged the school to build a new dining hall, but they don’t have the funds. Your gift will help the school start over again by building a new kitchen and eating facility that are fire safe, safe for food preparation, and best of all, a sanitary place to eat!
Access to clean and safe drinking water in Cirisobu Village $17,800 $28,000
A remote community of nearly 75 people, this village struggles each year with poor water access. Their average household income measures 400% below Fiji’s rural poverty line. Without consistent and quality water for drinking and farming, this community will continue struggling to meet its food security and agriculture-based income needs.(Includes water table survey, drilling, water pump and hose)

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