Programs-Main-Page-ImageBridging the divide to sustainable and permanent change

What’s unique about many South Pacific islands is how close together luxury and poverty are situated. The divide between rich and poor is never truly bridged by the private sector or government. Impoverished villages sit next to five-star hotels and there is no formal system for addressing the imbalance of resources. Although some businesses attempt to support nearby villages, funding is directed towards specific projects that often fail to create systemic change.

In these tourist/business help models data and input from all stakeholders of a community are usually not at the helm of the project.  This has often led to the classic community hall building which goes unused while the larger needs are left unmet.

Government resources are spread thin and there is no coordinated effort that harnesses the potential of incoming visitors to benefit not only the vacationer, but also communities who live there. This where we see we can help. There is an opportunity for sustainable growth to take place where government and private sector involvement can be carefully guided to support and empower remote communities.

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