Our projects incorporate mechanisms for sustainable self-sufficiency. We are developing opportunities for businesses, tourists and volunteers to connect appropriately and sustainably with remote communities.


Sustainable Income Generating Projects for Rural & Remote Women

We provide rural and remote women with skill development and financial literacy training to create contemporary traditional arts and crafts. Through this program, women learn how to build on their traditional crafting knowledge to create items that appeal to the local and international tourist market. Additionally, we develop the market for these women with local businesses and through online sales. Each craft has a unique story behind it – where it was made and who it was made by. In order to make that story a vital part of the market transaction, and to help the communities where these products are developed to become known and better understood, we help create story links through online information, item tags and other creative platforms. The story is a central to the creation and sale of every traditional product. By linking crafter to buyer, we help communities develop sustainable business mechanisms, connecting them to the outside world.


Development Exchange

Donors around the globe, especially from larger countries with high carbon emissions, can directly support communities most deeply impacted by climate change in the world. Furthermore, we strive to serve communities who are traditionally left off the radar of aid and tourism benefits due to their remote location. Whether linking a school’s farm produce to a hotel buyer to support education, or donors, foundations and corporate responsibility initiatives to vetted infrastructure development needs in remote communities, we link communities and their needs to donors to create a meaningful exchange.