Biusavufamily Voice

We believe that the key to sustainable development is investing in people and their ability to articulate, advocate for, and solve their own problems.


Talanoa Projects

“Tanaloa” means “Telling Stories,” and our Talanoa Projects give voice to remote communities by sharing their stories with the outside world through music, traditional art, photos and oral history recordings.

In 2012, with the help of a very dedicated volunteer, RBTR kicked off its first Talanoa Project–the Indigenous Music Project. This volunteer went to Yakete District and recorded artists for the outside world who could not otherwise afford to be recorded. Today, these recordings can be heard on the radio. They are members Karawa Band. singing about where they come from.

Have a listen to “Solegi”  which tells the story of a family tragically killed in a landslide in Tukuraki Village, Yakete District in 2011. This ecological tragedy disbanded and entire community. Two of these band members helped to recover the bodies of the victims. Through music, these artists can tell the story so that it can be heard, raising awareness locally, regionally and globally about the challenges they face in their community.