Handprinted "Sulu" Sarong - Laubu Print

Color: Seniua

Handprinted "sulu," a sarong, brings a splash of color and handmade design to your beach attire. Multi-purpose, great for a pop-up picnic, beach blanket for breezy naps, and more! Handprinted through our Studio Print Program, providing professional 

job training opportunities to youth who hail from our rural partner communities, including persons with disabilities.

Made with rayon fabric.

66L x 40T inches

167L x 101T cm

Waitui Collection: Safeguarding Our Home

10% of proceeds from the sale of this product is donated to the Fiji Surfing Association (FSA) to support ongoing activities, including Fiji Pro Surfer competition access for local surfers, water safety training for communities in Fiji, basic surf competition outreach to local Fijian communities, and clean-up campaigns along Fiji's shores.

This partnership aims to create a pathway for greater returns from Fiji's surfing tourism sector to local communities through our products. We aim to raise awareness amongst the global surf community on the needs of communities in Fiji and provide an opportunity for them to support it. Did you know close to 85% of the world's biodiversity is under the guardianship of indigenous people? Surfing offers a way to engage landowning communities in a sport that values ocean stewardship. Fiji is one of the major surfing destinations on the planet. Still, for local communities, surfing is not very accessible. Basic water safety and boating safety training can be limited and unaffordable for local communities. We can help connect the dots of tourism, guardianship, sport, and equity by working together.

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