Masi Clutch & Earrings


Handprinted & handwoven clutch purse with matching earrings featuring traditional masi kesa bark cloth with pandanus woven reverse. Masi is often referred to using the general term "tapa", a clothlike material derived from the inner bark of certain species of the mulberry tree. Practiced almost exclusively by women, tapa making is one of the most important and diverse art forms in Polynesia.

Our Masi collection features handprinted designs by artisans from Moce Island, Lau Group. 

Set includes one clutch purse, one pair of vau fringe fan earrings, and one pair of masi rectangular shape earrings. 

Clutch purse: 31W x 21H cm, or 12W x 8H in.

Each clutch is unique, and the patterning may vary slightly from the sample shown in this photo.

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