Niu Fan with Masi Flower hi

Color: Na O

Cool yourself off and admire the floral design of this niu fan. This locally-crafted fan features a vau handle rap with a masi flower accent. Support the local economy of Fiji and provide equitable opportunities for Fijian women with this purchase.

Approx. 22W x 40L cm, or 8.5W x 16L in.


About the Artisans:

Tikina Nakorotubu communities are primarily fisherfolk. Traditionally, coconut "niu" palm leaf baskets were used for weaving baskets to hold fish and crops to transport back to the village and to contain food in the cooking process. Women in this region produce coconut palm fans, baskets, and hats for our product collection, preserving and promoting their traditional weaving skills. Masi flowers are hand-constructed from masi (tapa) barkcloth made by outer island Fijian women and handprinted with traditional and contemporary masi designs by upper mountain women in Ba Province. They are inspired by the colors in the natural environment of upper mountain communities where our artisan partners live.

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