Vakadi Vilivili Frame Rectangular Mat - 139 x 242cm


Handwoven by members of Udu Point Women's Group. Udu District is found at the furthest northeastern Point of Vanua Levu, Fiji. Considered as an "off-grid region," Udu Point Women’s Group consists of women from Udurara, Vunikodi, Nukudamu and Nabouono villages.

Udu Point mats are sturdy in nature, handwoven with two layers of naturally processed pandanus leaves, finished with natural mud dye "somo" patterning. Mats are finished with the "vakilukilu" edge which creates a streamlined folded edge. 

Women from Udu Point can spend up to 60-90% of their monthly income to access local markets for their produce and crafts. Income earned from the sale of their mats provides a critical boost of support paid for at village-gate through our program.

Approximately 139 x 242 cm, or 4.5 x 8 feet.

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