Shipping & Terms

Photo:  Rob Rickman / RAW Fiji
Photo: Rob Rickman / RAW Fiji

Shipping: For on-island orders, we ship using EMS and CDP. For export orders, we use EMS, which links to FedEx. Shipping costs on export orders are generally 20% of the order value. Delivery time varies depending on country destination.


Customs: Natural fibers, such as pandamus leaves and masi paper, are included in some of our products. We coat out natural fiber products with Resene Multi-Shield, a lightweight, anti-mold protective coating. With the exception of coconut leaf products, our items are allowed to take back to New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, U.S. (allows coconut palm products) and other countries. We do recommend packing any painted stone products in your check-in baggage as some airports do not allow stones in carry-on baggage.


Pricing: We strive to offer great value to our customers! As a poverty alleviation program, our pricing model starts at the village level, ensuring artisans receive a fairly traded price for their work.  We work hard to manage costs along the value chain to make purchasing affordable. Prices may change throughout the year.


Return: Due to the nature of our work, we have a limited return policy. If you want to ask about returning an item, please email us at