Sasa Voivoi Placemats Set of Four - Somo Moon


 Accompany your dining with Fijian charm and support rural Fiji communities with this thoughtfully-made table mat set.

Sasa (coconut spine fiber) and voivoi (pandanus) leaf are both harvested by hand and woven to create this gorgeous table mat set. The somo moon is the product of hard work—this is a natural mud dye created through a slow process of burying voivoi underground for several weeks, then digging it up and boiling it with a variety of leaves. The resulting dye sets the black color and creates a natural shine. Due to this traditional, hand-dying practice, color variations are possible, adding a personal touch to your table mat.

*Available for shipment on November 15th

Approx. 36 cm, or 14 inches in diameter.

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