Vanilla is a high-value, mid-term crop. Growing vanilla provides an additional income-creating choice to farmers in Fiji's rural areas. The vanilla program's goals are to help rural communities better weather uncertainties, particularly those due to global climate change, and to help rural farmers develop agricultural schemes best suited for their local environments.

By developing resiliency through new crops, reintroducing traditional crops, and developing sustainable farming methods, local communities become more resilient in the face of big storms and changing climate. They must develop multiple income sources by growing sustainable, high value crops. The vanilla program provides exactly this kind of opportunity.

The market for vanilla is huge, and the supply is largely underdeveloped. RBTR partners with Living Wealth, LLC, to support communities along the entire value chain, from farm to product. You can purchase "Colo Vanilla" Extract at Tappoos Nadi Airport shops, Lautoka, Suva, Nadi, Sigatoka stores and Tappoos' resort stores along the Coral Coast and Port Denarau.