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Join Us! Through purchase, you help create a path to economies of hope and equity for rural remote women in Fiji

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On many South Pacific islands, luxury and poverty often exist side by side. We see this as an opportunity to help.

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Mission and Vision

Rise Beyond the Reef bridges the divide between remote communities, government and the private sector in the South Pacific, sustainably creating a better world for women and children.

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Abaca Village

Located in the upper mountain region of the Koroyanitu Range, Abaca is home to Fiji’s national heritage park, making it a hub for endemic species and unlogged forests. Artisans produce Many Colored Fruit Doves, Sila Seed necklaces, woven mats and various basic sewn products without access to electricity. Abaca Village has great hiking trails and lodges available to rent, open to the public year around.

Vatawai Village

Located at the base of Mt. Evans, Vatawai is traditionally a cane farming community. Artisans have honed their Sasa Voivoi basket weaving skills, producing tabletop and home décor products, providing much-needed alternative income during the off-season.

Nanuku Village

An upper mountain village, located in the heart of Yakete District. Artisans include highly skilled weavers originating from Gau Island and other regions of Fiji, married in. Nanuku women weave, sew “Tagane Dolls” and make sila seed ornaments during the holiday season.