We believe indigenous knowledge and cultures hold the key to the future. You can help protect it. Through your purchase or donation, you help invest in the future.

Creating a path of economies of hope and equity for rural remote indigenous women in Fiji.

On many South Pacific islands, luxury and poverty often exist side by side. The divide between rich and poor is never truly bridged by the private sector or government. Impoverished villages sit next to five-star hotels, but there is no formal system for addressing the imbalance of resources. Although some businesses attempt to support nearby villages, funding is directed towards specific projects that rarely result in long-term change.

Government resources are spread thin. In addition, coordinated efforts to harness the potential benefit that outside visitors bring is limited, so neither the vacationers nor community members gain. We see this as an opportunity for RBTR to help.

Learn more about our work through the following partnerships to support rural remote indigenous women as leaders and creators of abundance in their communities, while connecting sustainably to the outside world.


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Traditional Contemporary Arts & Crafts Income Generating Program
Vanilla Program
Salvaged Wood Charcoal Program