Rise Beyond the Reef bridges the divide between remote communities, government and the private sector in the South Pacific, sustainably creating a better world for women and children.

Our Vision

We believe if leadership in remote communities can be cultivated and strengthened, if these fire-keepers of traditional knowledge can have a place where they are protected, ignited and supported to grow sustainably in the 21st century, if women have an equal voice that’s heard and respected in their communities, if their experiences and insights are valued, if children’s rights are protected, then the entire community will rise.

If the private sector sees the value of helping to safeguard these communities while engaging in the economics of supporting their growth, if tourists and philanthropists act as concerned global citizens, willing to learn about a culture in a genuine setting and the communities they visit have equal part in this relationship exchange, they will create a community that rises together.

If the government supports bridging the gaps in infrastructure that affect these remote communities and if government ministries value traditional knowledge, ensuring it is built upon and not lost in the process of educating youth, the future of a nation will rise.

There is no reason not to value the inherent intelligence and resilient nature of cultures that have self-sustained for thousands of years. If we can create an authentic space for their voices to be heard, where remote community members can feel valued for where they come from, they will know how to rise.

It’s not about helping the poor, it’s about creating value around the important role remote communities play in our world’s whole picture; it’s about valuing rather than extracting. It’s about supporting rather than directing. It’s about seeing our collective future. That’s when we all rise together.