Healing Plants Of Fiji


As industrialised societies revisit the power of plant-based diets and medicines, indigenous knowledge plays a critical role in this return. This book is the culmination of information collected over years from more than 80 traditional healers in villages and informal settlements in Fiji. The book attempts to document traditional herbal healing concoctions currently used by healers in Fiji. These mixes are passed down through traditional iTaukei (indigenous) healers from one generation to the next. 

Traditional knowledge in the Pacific is primarily passed down through storytelling formats. As urban drift and migration increase, it is critical to record this knowledge to help inform our collective future and health.

This stunning 428-page hardcover book attempts to ensure that the healing plants are correctly identified scientifically, and any relevant information gathered internationally on their uses and effective properties are recorded. Contents include information on 289 species of healing plants used in over 1,000 herbal concoctions to treat approximately 400 ailments. 

About the Author 

Mrs. Suliana Siwatibau received her formal training in science at Auckland University, New Zealand, where she gained a Master of Science (Honors) in Botany Specialising in plant cytogenetics in 1963. She has since worked in various fields, including Teaching, Research, Government Administrator, and Freelance Consultant. She developed an interest in ethnobotany, especially in herbal medicine, while working at the Government herbarium in the Agriculture Department in the 1970s.

Published by the iTaukei Trust Fund Board.

21.5W x 31H x 3T cm.

8.5W x 12H x 1T in.

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