Handwoven Sasa Voivoi Baskets


Store your treasures within this hand-crafted Fijian basket design.

Our baskets are handwoven with 100% natural fibers. Sasa (coconut palm spine) is harvested and split carefully into small sticks, clustered into bundles, and wrapped with voivoi (pandanus) leaf into a woven basket. Each basket is unique and truly handmade. Please note: due to biosecurity fees, we require a minimum order of two baskets for export orders (shipping to US, Australia & New Zealand). Vinaka!

Small Round Basket: 30cm D x 9cm H (12in D x 3.5in H)

Medium: 30cm D x 20cm H (12in D x 8in H)

Tall: 30cm D x 45cm H (12in D x 18in H)

Laundry: 45cm D x 45cm H (18in D x 18in H) (includes lid and 100% cotton canvas liner)

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