Handprinted Masi Wall Hanging - Senibua



Masi barkcloth, also known as tapa cloth, holds a significant cultural and artistic importance in the Fiji Islands. Made from the inner bark of the mulberry tree, this traditional fabric is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans. Masi barkcloth is admired for its distinctive designs, which are often symbolic and depict motifs from Fijian mythology and daily life. The process of making masi involves soaking, beating, and stretching the bark until it becomes a smooth and flexible material. The cloth is then decorated using natural pigments and dyes extracted from plants and clay. Masi barkcloth has been passed down through generations, serving various functions such as clothing, ceremonial wear, and decorative art. It continues to be cherished as a tangible link to Fijian heritage and cultural identity.

Our Masi collection features handprinted designs by artisans from the Lau Islands Group. 

Approximately 150cm x 90cm

Approximately 60in. x 35in. 

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