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Serving Communities Around The World.

Helping Hand Foundation is a mission-driven nonprofit dedicated to meeting the needs of people around the world.

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Families Helping Families

For families experiencing hardship, your support can mean everything. Give today to sponsor a family.


Whole Hearts Club

Monthly donors power our work year-round. When you become a Whole Hearts Club member, you take your support to the next level by ensuring our programs are always fully-funded.


members and counting!

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Well Project

You have the ability to end water scarcity
for more than 3,000 people in need.

Today, people in need travel miles just to collect water for their daily needs. Help us achieve our goal of building a new well to make access to clean, fresh water, available to all.

Education for All

Partner with Helping Hand Foundation to ensure free access to high-quality education for learners of all ages and backgrounds.

A photo of students reading in a group

When you give to the Education for All Initiative, you power immediate and tangible impact for students everywhere. Thank you for your support.

With Thanks
to Our Donors.

Helping Hand is grateful for the daily support of donors around the world. Together, we can shine a bright light upon the darkest places.

Maximise Your Impact with

If you're donating from the UK and complete your donation with Gift Aid,
an additional 25p will be added for every  £1 you contribute.

When you donate with Gift Aid, we can help more people in need.

Help Build a Better Tomorrow

people are showing support as Champions, Navigators, and Trailblazers.


Helping Hand Foundation
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