Iri Buli Round Mat


Handwoven pandanus mat with natural mud dye accent pattern. Named "Iri Buli" after the fan-shaped pattern. Each Iri Buli mat is unique in style depending on the artisan's take on this traditional pattern. Truly a collector's piece for your home. Beautiful for floor and wall spaces. 

Approx two meters in diameter.

About the Artisans: 

Handwoven in Nairai Island, a small outer island community within the Lomaiviti Group of islands within Fiji. This region is well-known for their highly-skilled weaving. Historically a voyaging region, a large percentage of community members intermarried with persons from other island nations, further enriching the skilled artisan background of this island’s community. Today, artisans preserve their traditional knowledge of weaving and patterning through the production of handwoven mats.

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