Sasa Sipo Placemat Set of Four (4)


Voivoi (pandanus) leaf is transformed into spiral shell-shaped art through the Sasa Voivoi weaving process. This leaf undergoes quite a process to reach your home; it is harvested, de-thorned, boiled, sun-dried, coiled, and then smoothed for handweaving by indigenous women in their communities. Support rural Fiji communities with this handwoven table mat, made from sasa (coconut spine fiber) and voivoi (pandanus) leaves. Each piece is slightly unique based on the artisan's impression of the shell pattern.

Approx. 29cm wide, 26cm height or 11.5in. wide, 10in, height

About the artisans: Kioa is an island in Fiji, purchased by settlers from Vaitupu atoll in Tuvalu, who migrated between 1947 and 1962. Initially, 37 people migrated from Vaitupu to live on Kioa Island; more than 235 people followed within a decade. We aim to support ongoing market access for first, second, and third-generation Kioa artisans to help protect and promote their traditional skills and knowledge.

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